Circuit Breaker Identification

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The Problem

If you are like most people, your circuit panel looks like the one at the left. Only the Stove and Dryer and AC are labeled, the rest is just "LIGHTS" and "PLUGS".  Not very helpful when you need to turn off power to a particular place. And dangerous. This tempts people to work on a device without turning off the power first. 

The Solution

Identify what circuit breaker powers every outlet, light or other device in your home and create a directory based not on circuit breaker numerical order, which serves no purpose,  but by the item in question itself.  For example, wish to turn off power to the ceiling fan in Melissa's room? The Directory will have it under Melissa's Room - ceiling light - Breaker 12. This is a fast, easy way to know what is what in your electrical system.   

Sample Directory

The Cost

The Cost to identify and label all circuits in your home is $200 + HST.